girls aren’t “easy”, girls don’t have difficulty levels. some girls like sex and some girls don’t. you aren’t winning anything by getting either of them to sleep with you.

Some girls only want sex after emotional closeness develops, but to call this “difficulty” says some really disturbing shit about what you think emotional closeness is for.


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Sometimes I think about throwing my hands up in disgust or breaking a window or dropping out because it seems so useless. I go to college, study what I’m taught, continue to live in a society where I am either invisible or stereotyped; the profiles of Women of Color nonexistent or tokenized. A tiny fish swimming the wrong way in the school, caught up in the mess of the kyriarchy—it’s a self-fulfilling cycle of these dominant narratives informing the future mark-makers, storytellers and academics of our generation. You learn what you are taught. You teach what you have learned. The people in power perpetuate the ideas that keep them there, and it’s incredibly hard to gain a place to speak from if you don’t fall into that old-boy elite model of academia. Sometimes it feels like I’m standing at the bottom of a well, and my head hurts to think about how to begin to climb out. But then I look up, and realize: It doesn’t have to be this way. I can work to make it not so. By continuing to write, by continuing to read, by continuing to fight to bring up the ideas and people that matter to me, I can build a room. A room for myself and for other brown girls—for everyone. It’s not impossible. I can work to build this room.